Collaborative engineering projects

Interesting to see a couple of new online engineering collaboration tools emerging.
less developed so far…

I previously used That can be really good

Anyone going to start a social AWES development programme?

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Reminds me of my idea of “github for cad”. Basically what things like onshape are doing but with the familiar github mechanics, open source and with the same business model, namely free repos for anything open source.
The most difficult component is a good open source CAD solution.

As for the social AWES thing- no plan to do anything there atm. Feel free to exhaust the possibilities for collaboration in the forum! I don’t think the collaboration tools, but rather potential collabroators are the limiting factor.

The open source testing platform with the model airplane by Zillmann et. al. would lend itself very well for collaboration, sharing test results etc. but I don’t think much came of it.

CadWolf uses Onshape for the CAD work… as does @someAWE_cb

yes…kinda git hub for cad as is grabCAD I’ve dipped in and used that a few times.

as for

would love to see 200+ of them tied together in a rotary net

a link for the curious:


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Another pedalling of the same old myth…
An overview of the two possible ways to produce energy with such a concept
Really sad how that utter pish statement gets spouted out in otherwise great work