compatabillity issuses

ok ive gotten lucky because i use backups. many others might not be so lucky?
a few days later learned the software use for the site could leave many out on a limb?
would it be at all possible to run an interface patch with older versions? so people with various level of technical understanding could still access the forum?

my ios is long over due an update just have no mind to? access is key for many. to find that certain browsers were not able to access the site was very curious? show some technical preferences? it tad annoying when things change? especially when devices are still functional? is there anyway that the cloud could still interface with older software without going through updates? while maintaining security? cant say i enjoy browser issues? tried firefox update didnt fix it? discourse 15.7 was the compatiabillity issuse? as there are a few tech heads here? i wondered if it was at all possible to run the old software with the new/ provided there was algorithmic interface at the server end? all security handled a point of access? therefore nothing gets compromised? fractal programming? prehaps? three days of fun try to figure out what was going on? the joy of tech i suppose? i can read on my other device but no chance id be able to access in current format? i suspect many here would like to be greener with the use of tech? it would be cool to be able to use something like xp? but that another story? of the 25 years of advances there still an issue when it come to interfacing with older devices that still are functioning? we haven`t got the 10 year window anymore? it more like 5 seconds? due to pace of changes? if there still a possibility of an interface id love to know? if someone could get back to me? that would be awesome? ive much to learn? there must be a way? i just would like to know how? if a OG gameboy can be update to run internet? then surely it possible to interface with various software versions?
been a few few days indeed!

The server was down a few days. I hope you are back online now.

I have back ups for this very reason. makes life easier. if one device cant i have my ways!