Competitiveness Improvement Project

are launching a Competitiveness Improvement Project for small and mid-sized wind turbines
sounds amazing for any AWES group in America.
Let me know if you need some kite turbine development help.

Meanwhile remember altaeros was an American AWES company
they pivoted a bit


Can This MIT Start-Up Challenge Google’s High-Flying Plans … › investing › general › 2014/05/25 › ca…

May 25, 2014 — Altaeros Energies has developed the Buoyant Air Turbine, or BAT, to compete with the fixed-wing Airborne Wind Turbine, or AWT, from Google-

Not a fan. Competitiveness should be improved by cap and dividend of emissions.

I found this in @Elena 's Thesis Airborne Wind Energy – to fly or not to fly?

The version I saw was related to music, and the turbine said “I’m not a big metal fan”.
That was the punchline - or something like that - don’t remember the actual joke.
Maybe it was “I am a big metal fan”…
Believe it or not, I’ve seen serious articles about wind turbines talking about “the aluminum blades”. These are the little clues that tell you whether someone has any idea what they are talking about in wind energy…

BTW I just ordered a new tube amp for guitar with three 12AX7 preamp tubes and two EL84 power tubes for that authentic British sound, cuz, well…
“I am a big metal fan”.