Conductive tethers

Where do you get conductive tether from?
I thought this would be the easy part…
Who supplies conductive tethers? Any links please?
Somebody must be making some useful conductive tethers because they’ve been trialled in AWES.
Closest thing I have to hand is electric fence polyprop wire … but that’s only 1 wire

Makani report has
The tether comprises a mechanical load-bearing core of pultruded carbon fiber rods, surrounded by a bedding layer, a layer of spiral-wound insulated electrical conductors, and covered in an aerodynamically fluted jacketing material.

I would think this is difficult to source as the tension/voltage/current requirements are highly optimized by weight and diameter.

Some testing equipment could maybe be made by putting a regular wire inside the hollow core of a dyneema rope…

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The physics of it is similar to a braking cable, which is governed by the capstan equation. (Cable Mechanism Maths: Designing Against The Capstan Equation | Hackaday) So as long as you add enough slack to the wire to account for the lengthening of the dyneema rope when it is under tension, the wire can still slide freely when the rope is under tension, you don’t include too many turns, and there aren’t any pinch points, I think this should work, which I think is counterintuitive.

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Have a look a tethered drones. You can get systems like this that might be out of budget:

…but maybe you can find out what type of tether they use.


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Try an extension cord from Home Depot.

With the oscillating cable drive we require two thinner wires. These wires will last a long time because they do not pass through the pulleys.