Curran Crawford presentation

A good background analysis on wind energy
And finishing on AWES

There’s only 2 types of AWES chat is still a thing.
It’s 2020.
I’ve heard a lot of exceptionally $#! £ things today. Like you wouldn’t believe.
Continued pedaling of that stance upsets me.

Curran and team are the latest known to have learned by direct testing that eVTOL AWES cannot possibly achieve essential reliability, nor scale much [video 1:17]. That’s valuable new empirical heuristic data. About a dozen current AWE ventures are still selling investments in this and related architectures. There will be only two types of AWES; those that prevailed, and those that didn’t.

Note that Curran’s AWES R&D is part of the North American NW R&D constellation, with many great AWE players going back decades. A NW AWE conference will be huge, when AWEurope-AWEC conference hosting finally resumes intercontinental rotation. Curran’s diverse BC cohort will be there.

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