Destruction of a wind farm to protect rare birds. Some AWES could avoid the bird and bat issues.

Translation from French language:

The Montpellier tribunal de grande instance ordered the destruction of seven 93-meter wind turbines in Hérault.

Some AWES, such like @Kitepower or SkySails systems, using flexible kites flying relatively slowly, can obtain a significant advantage about this issue, and all the more so as such decisions could multiply.


I fully agree. …

Some extracts:

Why birds are affected

There are reasons why birds are likely to be affected by windfarms. Wind developments tend to be placed in upland areas with strong wind currents that have a lot of potential to generate energy. Birds – particularly raptors like eagles or vultures – use these currents as highways – and so are likely to come into contact with the turbines.

It’s not just the turbine blades that pose a risk to birds; research indicates that wind developments can disrupt migration routes. What’s more, foraging and nesting habitat can also be lost when turbines are put up.

Wind turbines and birds of prey

Windfarms may not affect all birds, but what if they affect birds of prey disproportionately? Some of the reason why this might happen is genetic – certain species like vultures, for example, have blind spots in their visual field which mean they cannot see objects directly in front of them (like wind turbines) when flying.

Large birds like hen harriers, eagles and vultures are also slower to reproduce than other species and so their populations are more likely to be affected by a small number of deaths.

Why not use the base towers of these HAWT’s as launching towers for yo-yo systems such as SkySails and Kitepower?

@floba investigated the use of a tower, but for another issue, to mitigate cosine loss:

There are increasingly raptor-monitoring systems using radar etc. so turbines can be slowed for migration traffic. They seem to be working.
The wind turbine here usually has a hawk perched on its tail.
A central stated original goal of AWE was to get rid of the towers…

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