Detailed reveal of SkySails100 AWES

German Children’s programming served up the most detailed picture yet of Skysails first-ever certified AWES, inspiring and preparing kids by the millions for a better world powered in large measure by AWE.

All sorts of interesting SkySails details shown close-up. The kite nose couples to a blower/vacuum for inflation-deflation, at the retracted top-line. The Control Pod now has a RAT (ram-air-turbine gen), eliminating past need for power wiring in the tether. There is wireless COM link dependency (jamming risk), but at least it’s a soft kite. All in all, a fine start for AWE to build on. Many kids who watched will do great things.

The broadcast from 22.10.2023 - The page with the mouse - WDR (

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The video you linked is on how a package goes from A to B it seems, not on SkySails. The link probably shows whatever episode was shown a few weeks back when you visit it, not an episode from a specific date.

This is probably it, on YouTube: Wie produziert man Strom mit einem Flugdrachen? | DieMaus | WDR