Drawings to facilitate understanding

On both Yahoo and AWES forums a lot of messages are difficult to understand (without talking about language), and often put aside in spite of their possibly relevant technical contents.

A simple drawing could help a lot. But producing drawings is not always a trivial task.
So, if possible, why not building a library of typical elements (kite lifter, tether, belt, propeller, snap hooks, pulleys, loops…) or complete systems (yoyo, flygen, belt system, torsion-transfer…). Then the writer joins the elements, making a drawing for some of his messages.

A simple drawing is often more understandable than long explains. And drawings could facilitate the feedback flows.


All in favor of more sketches. This won’t help me though. What would potentially help me is the knowledge of where to find 3D elements I could import into SketchUp or similar, other than the SketchUp “3D Warehouse”. You could for example link to existing SketchUp drawings. I think that’s a waste of effort though because you can never anticipate if that is going to be helpful in the situation where we actually want to draw something, because you don’t know what we want to draw.

Is there an easy 2D drawing tool out there, other than my pencil?


Reminds me of my idea of github for cad…

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On Yahoo forum there is a page for attachments on https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/AirborneWindEnergy/attachments.
It would be possible to do the same, using some library page with the sketchs showing some messages.

If anybody has produced such sketch elements they can just make a thread with a wiki (editable by everyone) post.

Or creating a topic with messages containing sketchs as a mean to find them more easily.

That would be ordered by time of posting, whereas in a wiki post it can be sorted by category.

If you want, you could create the topic now, or just start putting them in this topic. You can at any time change a post to a wiki, if you want to make the content a little more organized.

There is a length limit.

A load of my older rhino 3d drawings, grasshopper parametric developments and sketches are on www.windswept-and-interesting.co.uk
There is also a link to a shared folder with some of @kitefreak concept drawings