Dynamic Similarity of FOWT and Kite Energy Farm Mooring Networks

"Very excited at the technological overlap between airborne and marine mooring networks, as lift and buoyancy act analogously on similar mega-scale polymer network topologies. The Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) kite network community has been awaiting this convergence to gel, as NREL worked the FOWT side via OpenFAST and MoorDyn.

The hope is the same NREL multi-physics computing environment can support both applications, mostly by just adjusting parametric settings. Congratulations to Jason on his recent recognition!"

Design and Analysis of a Ten-Turbine Floating Wind Farm with Shared Mooring Lines (nrel.gov)

Original Topological Order Analogy from 2019, lots of dual progress since-

Dynnamic Similarity FOWT-AWES

Scaling up multi-anchoring in complex geology has been a big engineering gap. This is how kite flyers anchor large kites on the beach, at a rated ton of holding power by a few ounces of polymer. Dead weight and hole curb-effect combine forces.

Here the megascale gabion-anchor method is further refined.

Courtesy: David Santos Gorenna-Guinn

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