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i think this forum seems a bit cluttered, i have problems navigating. I think it would be enough to just have questions+answer like in stackoverflow, and tags. Also i do not really understand why it says [wiki] at the top…




You can see the different categories here:


If you would like to know something about a crosswind system, you would go here for example: https://forum.awesystems.info/c/engineering/crosswind

This forum is new so it is still a work in progress. We do have tags, here: https://forum.awesystems.info/tags but they are not used so much as the categories. The search works too.

You can just X out of the [wiki] banner to stop seeing it. The wikis are supposed to be a nice and concise introduction to all the knowledge gathered here. Because the forum is still new, they still aren’t. I agree that the banner shouldn’t be there yet until the wikis are better. Or have a banner with not so much content.

If you just want a list of the most recent topics, go here: https://forum.awesystems.info/latest

Hi, welcome to the forum and thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:

This forum is an instance of discourse and I’ll limit my changes to what I can do on the frontend.

I think the latest view, which @Windy_Skies already mentioned is pretty close to what one has on stackoverflow. You don’t have to navigate through the forum using the categories.

You can safely ignore the Wikis.^^ Should probably remove the banner. It was an attemt to make the forum be a wiki as well, but there wasn’t enough contribution to make it really useful.

nice already looks cleaner now.
Some minor suggestions

  • click on AWES logo should bring you to the main page awesystemsinfo
  • i would get rid of the subcategories so that on the frontpage of the forum you only have News, Engineering, Analysis etc. (it gets clearer when you are used to it but as a first time visitor so many categories are a bit overwhelming)
  • I would make the search (magnifier) more prominent, maybe in the line of Categories, New (2), *Search, Top etc. or move the magnifier more to the left/center

Changed the default view to “latest”. That’s because of mobile users. Can’t have different settings for desktop / mobile yet without workarounds. Actually prefer the view with categories on the left and latest on the right, but for mobile users it shows just the categories. I recommend changing the bookmark for anyone who prefers the old view.

No option without changing code. Also only option to go to Forum main page. So will remain as is. Might change the icon to clarify this is the forum and not the main page.
Added icons to the bar with theme components. The house now links to the main awesystems.info page.

No option without changing code.

No option without changing code. Should make the icons white at least…
Was grey despite set to white. Had to add css. Looks much better now.

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