Ending the Coal Age with Kites

Discussion of direct replacement of Coal and reuse of Coal Plants with Kite Power.

Current Poster Format Concept Draft-

Fayette Coal Plant is owned by Austin, Texas, and the Lower Colorado River Authority. Unit1 is slated for shutdown within two or three years, followed by Units 2-3. The plant is ideal for industrial AWE R&D, with thousands of acres of open land and lake. The wind resource is good, with coastal sea-breeze during peak electrical demand hours and seasons.

The large lake is not popular for recreation in its rural location, so it could be an ideal “kiddie-pool” for developing offshore kite technology. There is even a circular railroad track with a 500m radius suited to test “carousel” operation. Solar thermal may leverage existing steam-turbine. Along with biomass production, solar array physical design might co-exist with kites in shared or side-by-side placement.

Review Note- kPower worked out that the exact mechanical basis to convert a legacy power plant to kite power is a rope-drive to an overrunning clutch on the legacy generator’s shaft. Large generators already have such a clutch for their starting motors, to spin-up to working-speed from stand-still. Some generators have shaft space available to add clutching. A separate added gang-shaft can aggregate multi-clutched inputs. Kite and rope-drive inputs must closely match load velocity, by standard methods known to kite and mechanical engineering,

Current news: Targeted funding specifically to phase out coal, exemplifies support available to study and implement creative action-

In process: Billions in the R&D pipeline to change electrical energy sourcing to renewables-