EnerGlider receives € 3.2 million funding


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Does somebody knows those guys?

Energlider Looks like an Enerkite wing but fewer lines to ground.
Now my jealousy talking…
FFS Just what the AWES world needs more research on yet another very slightly different yo-yo design.
Please can science funding please go back to being based on observing natural phenomena before creating a hypothesis?
Rotary kites exist. Tensile rotary power transfer exists. They scale. Prove that wrong with your $£€ M yo-yo

I resorted to swearing at this point

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It is great for the company. But in regard to energy field what are two or three millions here or there, compared to current wind energy, let alone some non-renewable energies?

I tried to find a website or any additional information on EnerGlide other than the article posted above and I can’t find anything.

It’s not a company, just a research project. There are links to the involved companies and university.
Will add the lot to the organizations list.
Don’t have much info.


More “idiots, idiots, idiots…”
You can take that to the bank.
So far they have a name, and a rendering.
Nothing powering even a hamster cage at the moment, (but just you wait!.!..!..!..)…
I believe this is the 10,742th company I’ve seen, “about to revolutionize the world” with a new wind energy device.
Score so far: Mother Nature: 10,742, Profethor Crackpot: 0

Not a company. Just a research project.

“At the same time, the design of EnerGlider features a modular system ensuring a high degree of mobility and flexibility when it comes to installation: Thus, allowing the installer to make use of the short windows of opportunity of favourable weather conditions.”
*** What does that even mean?

"The project, funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), will run for three years. "
*** Translation: We’ve reached peak climate hysteria and the ministry of spending other peoples’ money (OPM) will fund any me-too “we’ve got the (same old, now repeititve) new answer” story, provided the promoters can supply a rendering and hire more people to fill out paperwork than it would take to build a working AWE system.

When the wind is better elsewhere one moves the system.

Another translation: after three years the project will pursue out of the Ministry or will stop.

Wow that’s getting to be a repeated talking point. I think the previous time it was for kite-ships producing onboard hydrogen, switching between Northern and Southern hemispheres with the seasons. That example seemed somewhat sensible, assuming the ship itself, as well as producing hydrogen using offshore wind, transporting hydrogen by ship, not to mention using hydrogen as a fuel in the first place, makes any sense. I think they should just give up on producing power, and say it will provide wifi to disaster areas, powered by diesel generators and ground-based solar panels…

Should this be the goal assigned to all AWES?