Energy demand for sub 100kW systems

What are the steps in energy demand for small mobile Systems?
If this would be a graph with energy demand in x and demand / utility / market size in y direction it would be wise to design systems for an average energproduction at the beggining of a plateu.
y Topic inspired by the next @Kitewinder product.
Things I can think of:
Phone charging
Cooling box
Laptop charging

As the title is “Energy demand for sub 100kW systems” I thought about @Kitepower 100 kW current tests.
But after reading the message, it looks to be “Energy demand for sub 100 W systems”.

I was thinking about smaller systems than the ones many companies are targeting mainly to replace / augment diesel generators. That’s why I chose 100kW.

Aenarete is targeting small offgrid households with 500W.

Sub 100 kilowatt. That’s several or quite a few households? That’s a very broad question. Maybe break up the question? And look at what possible customers groups are using the electricity for now? I would try to identify customer groups, and then try to find out as much as possible about them and about what they want. You might find out that there are hundreds of thousands of people going to Canada or Mongolia or Siberia in winter for example in their RVs or vans, all wanting to switch from diesel generators to an AWES.

Yeah, from about 2.5kW with storage on one can say that it will power X number of Households. So let’s focus on loads below that. Especially on things that are mobile.
But maybe there are other interesting applications, like large mobile consumers or things that can use wild electricity.