Entertaining WInd Energy Video

(1) 10 Wind Turbine Failures Caught On Camera - YouTube

Here’s a new one, with a few failed AWE ideas from a decade ago:
Incredible Inventions for the End of the World (youtube.com)

Good Assortment of Bad Wind Energy Ideas:
0:10 Omnidea Buoyant Magnus Spinning Sausage Aerial Platform (no mention of its original use to pull its tether around a drum on the ground to harvest wind energy).
0:48 Altaeros BAT (Buoyant Airborne Turbine) from MITgrads (!?), featured a Skystream turbine inside a frail, tubular-donut blimp, abandoned as a project after first attempted use in Alaska.
1:38 Quadcopter Drone supposedly pulls tether to generate electricity?
1:47 “Skysails” red-and-white parafoil kite-reeling footage from past years - making the rounds for about ten years now, still none in regular operation.
1:50 Google’s “Makani” tethered electric airplane with eight propellers, doubling as wind turbines when it flies a pattern like a kite. Crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, which formed a perfect excuse to give up.
3:21 “Fog Catchers” - often discussed in “airborne wind energy” groups, when they run out of failed wind energy ideas to fawn over.
7:42 Honeywell “Windtronics” roof-mounted bicycle-wheel Wind Turbine - typical know-nothing design for a wind turbine - disturbing that aerospace people could fall for this one!