Floating Offshore Wind

I recently received a second U.S. Patent covering all the floating offshore foundations the first one did not cover. Virtually all floating wind energy plants now in use, or under consideration, are now covered by one of my two latest U.S. Patents.

U.S. Patent Application Issued as a Patent
U.S. Letters Patent No.: 10,871,149
Issued: December 22, 2020


What is new compared to your earlier patents? I see its a “B2” patent… congrats

Doug, can you provide some detailed examples of offshore installations related to your patent? Perhaps the response is in the following article:

Your patent:

Yes you found an article covering the first one of the two patents, Pierre.
Equinor uses my concept known as the “Spar Buoy” design.
Most of the rest of the designs being explored are covered by my most recent patent.
Just as I came up with Laddermill decades before Ockels, and SuperTurbine™ decades ahead of the pack, I was a few years ahead of the curve regarding floating offshore wind energy foundation concepts. Doesn’t seem like such a big deal to me, just seems normal. I have a lot of other interests too. Always too busy… :slight_smile:

It looks that figures 16 and 17 and corespondent description are a part of the patent about Serpentine, is not it?

From the link above:

Are there any other documents?