Flygen Fire Hazards?

Flygen Fire Hazards?

The question cannot be ignored for long.

Conventional towered wind turbines have been questioned. E.g. HERE.

  • Flown generator on fire?
  • Wing on fire?
  • Breakaway wing on fire?
  • Failure fault ignition?
  • Lightning ignition?
  • Vandal ignition?
  • Control unit ignition?
  • Dripping sparks?
  • Friction ignition?

How will the potential fire hazards in flygen veer interest towards groundgen AWES?

Fire hazards from off-shore flygens are quite less than hazards in onshore flygens.

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Storms are also a big concern for flygen, given the large power in the air, the electrical cable, and the generator aloft.

And also the required powerful electric motors to spin a Magnus balloon like Omnidea are concerned in the same way as generators aloft (flygen) within Magenn.

I believe the more precise split would be between kites consisting of only «dead» materials that would not ignite in a crash (eg soft kite with tether steering) and kites with other components (batteries, turbines, ball bearings etc) that could cause heat on failure.

In the second class one could also differentiate between the amount and fire hazard of those components. But even the tinyest battery might cause a fire in a crash, and if the malfunction happens in air, a crash is likely to follow (ie: a fire and a crash are not two separate faults)