Fossil fuel use still increasing with no end in sight: Smithsonian

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These are truly sad times showing humanityd inability to work for the greater good

Just listening in to Bloomberg TV, the financial channel, to hear this:
China and India, combined, will be installing about one coal power plant per week for the next 5 years, exceeding all the CO2 reduction efforts of the combined Western world for tens of decades.

Efforts to reduce CO2 above all concern the Western world.

If this were not the case, the curves on fossil fuels would not increase as we see in the graph.

The desire for industrialization in BRICS goes beyond climate concerns. Moreover their demographics are growing unlike Western demographics.

Well I dont think you get brownie points for pointing out the outlook is pretty bleak. I think most people realize this

On a slightly different note the sea level is still rising and these crazy guys in South America owning a river called the Amazon are discarging 224,000 cubic meter of water into the sea every second. And still the Dutch are spending perfectly good money to prepare for rising sea levels. Tell you what, the moon controls the sea levels, it known to any highscooler. And go just a few thousand years back the sea was covering all of the Netherlands anyways.

I know thats all just nonsense. I just wanted to illustrate how I feel when I skim through your rants about global warming

The point is, it is so full of nonsense and conflicting information that every aspect of it is in doubt, and for all I know, the opposite could be true. As I’ve pointed out, starting with calling getting rid of hydrocarbon fuels as “green”, when the exact opposite is the actual case, and it goes downhill from there.

Then the fact that the stated “transition” is not truly happening, since the world is building ever more coal plants while Western busybodies fly around in their corporate jets to get together and lament what they themselves are the worst example of.

It is accurate to point out that Florida was supposed to have been underwater by now if you check the scare stories of the past. You might notice that, starting with the models all being wrong, “they” don’t want us to remember what “they” said a couple of decades ago lest their credibility evaporate.

The fact is, a normal-thinking person feels like they walked into a bible-study group where a discussion of religion in general is unwanted and not even understood by the 100% indoctrinated audience. The models were all wrong together. It is known that “the data” has been tampered with as well.

And we’re still emerging from “the little ice age”. And temps were warmer in the past, whenever civilization advanced. And every time it got cooler, there was mass starvation and the world fell apart.

Then again, we are a product of the ice age, which forced us to master fire, clothing, shelter, tools, etc., so without freezing periods, we might still be living in the trees. So it is all very complicated, and getting valid, unbiased information is difficult, let alone what to do with the information. What you call, in your indoctrinated state, “rants”, are nothing but a gentle reminder of reality, within a discussion based mostly on fantasy, and being fed questionable information.

Oh, OK then. But, like kite-reeling itself, the climate outcome is only a prediction, not a fact. Anyway, here’s some more “bad news”.

Breach of key global warming threshold ‘inevitable’ as carbon emissions hit record high | Live Science

Is it true? By the time it is shown to not be true, all the indoctrinated people will have forgotten these predictions, and be on to panicking over the next possibly-inaccurate predictions. :slight_smile: