Hackaday Planet-Friendly Power Prize Entry

Well It’s time to find out what the sensible end of the world makes of whacky Kite Turbine folks again…

I’ve entered

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From view gallery:

Yeah, I think I’ve underestimated the R&D budget to date gone into Single Line AWES in that slide.

The how to make a Kite Turbine Write up has now been very much extended

please don’t consider making a Kite Turbine >1kW by following these guides… That would be too dodgy
Everything on that report is CC-BY-SA-4.0

Does the lift kite controller work and do you use it?

This is all description of the Old prototypes
Just Like it was here

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Kite Turbines <1kW

Are now certified as open source hardware by the Open Source Hardware Association
UID is:

Get building

Thank you @oshwassociation

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