Happy New Year to: Team Kitepower,

Some extracts:

:bulb: Technological Triumphs:
In the realm of technology, we achieved unprecedented success. Breaking a world record in wind mastery, the launch of the Kitepower Hawk marked a significant milestone in our product release cycle. These advancements will blow a wind of change into the sustainable energy landscape.

:raised_hands: Heartfelt Gratitude:
To each member of Team Kitepower and all supporters: your hard work, dedication, and passion have been the driving force behind our success. Its great to have you. As we eagerly anticipate the promise of 2024, let’s continue shaping the future, overcoming challenges, and celebrating the shared successes that lie ahead.

:birthday::wind_face::dash: Here’s to more achievements, growth, and collaborative victories in the coming year!

Happy New Year to: Team Kitepower, our supporters and partners and everyone who is committed to make the world a better place. :pray:

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“Winds of change”, “a new test facility in Ireland” - some things never change in AWE! :slight_smile: