Hoping the following steps help.

  1. Is this graphic understood?
    Explaining step 1

Langbein_2018_J._Phys.__Conf._Ser._1037_042023.pdf (1.1 MB)
Explaining step 2 (from Max Langbein's publication)

  1. Is it then understood how a Network can move as one and legs serve as both PTOs and anchors?
    AKN3- Fractal 3r Dome
    Note the 3r motor-gen anchors working equivalently to [Langbein 2021].

  2. Final current version

AKN4 - 3r Central PTO
While a central generator is shown here, this mechanism could equally “rope-drive” a cableway to a nearby fossil power plant to convert it to a Kite-Hybrid. This is a GW-scalable concept.

I think 4 would replace 2 as it looks to be a 3r central PTO variant of 2.

This is a baseless statement, just capable of making losing any remaining credibility for such a project.

@PierreB got his response:

“This is a GW-scalable concept.”


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|to Pierre, me


“This is a baseless statement”

You believe your statement has basis.

Have you proven your basis?

What if Dr. Langbein and Dr. Rutman are right?

Do you not just guess and accuse when you want?

Like guessing there was no patent filing.

I am sure of the basis, having consulted industrial experts.

Downhill powered mining cableways already operated at .5GW decades ago.

Single generators operate up >2GW.

“Baseless” only due to censorship not allowing both sides.

A preliminary response would be a proof of concept or a small prototype, producing a few watts.