How we practice AWES development

It is reasonable to expect the work of developing a successful architecture is rewarded.
But we’re all online now. Info is instantly shared.

No developer can successfully deploy as fast as nation state scale building and research programes. (especially not a lone househusband)

Yes we all want to do well for ourselves and our families… But the sooner we realise the world being a shared resource the better.

Successful beneficial IP can be made to have compulsory licensing.

As for university research, it is very dependent on the experience of the student and teacher. Experience doesn’t often come cheap or easy.

KiteLabs and kPower really have tried to “test everything” as far as possible, while keeping many complex scaling factors in mind. This required working very small and fast, compared to typical players who hastily down-select architectures to scale up. Even working small, one can definitely detect critical scaling barriers by the slight loss of performance between a smaller and larger prototype.

As AWE R&D continues, count on kPower to continue to seek the broadest testing experience of any AWE player, across all known architectures, and even at large scale (giant kites). Mothra1, at least, was a >300m2 wing, and Mothra3 is >120m2, to study large-scale operational design.

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