Iqbal - A Kites Train Master at Three-day Qatar Kite Festival at MIA Park Hills from Thursday use

Thanks to DaveS:
I have had the honor of learning the “secrets” of greatest living Kite Train masters, and helped them with several World Records and given them hospitality, during my seven years at the World Kite Museum. One of my teachers was Iqbal Husain, but many other greats too.

It does not matter who mistakenly thinks such people do not count, what counts is that these Wizards are so skilled at Kites-

'…said workshop which will be led by Iqbal Husain, a seasoned kite-flying professional. ’

Way to go Iqbal, keep spreading the knowledge!

Short Iqbal Bio with pictures-

KiteDay_MarinaBarrage.pdf (

A key trick he taught me is ‘measure multiple train lines together in a loose catenary state, because if they are tensioned, the lengths will vary capriciously’.

Only Masters know such secrets.

Iqbal learned from Ohashi himself, the supreme kite train Master (I am jealous).

Qataris are avid kiters, who spend more than anyone on giant fancy kites, and fly them passionately.