JAL updates: AWE Milestone: Passive Figure 8's with Strong Crosswind Load Motion (proof-of-concept)

~10 tunable parameters match wind to load-demand, a culmination of decades of power kite R&D.

Various partial demos shared over years, from KiteLab Group to kPower to Jalbert Aerology Lab.

Now comes scaling up, plus added pilot lifter to maximize robustness, plus compass-belay rigging.

This AWES architype ready for action in remote communities willing and eager to “sail in the sky”.

VID 20230518 182238894 - YouTube

“Sailing in the Sky” just gets better! All parts are TRL9 and rig fast.

Up to ~1000m2 unit-kite, high-count networks then scale further-


Close dynamic similarity to subscale proof-of-concept.

VID 20230518 182238894 - YouTube

The pilot lifter will interfere with the automatic flying pattern. You need an alternate launch-land method.

"Hi Gordon,

Unable to discuss anything in detail due to account suspension. It really limits technical sharing.

Pilot-Lifters are very flexible in use. The pendant can be lengthened or elastic and hook-up and detach as needed. There is no barrier to using pilot-lifters, drones, or balloons for launch-land when the operator is properly skilled.



Backing up grand claims with a tiny video showing 1 loop cycle and only a segment of the system configuration parts

I bet it was really quite a cool demo

But disappointingly this same approach is still never going to convince anyone online

Just try telling it like it is

No need for overblown statements

We found detail detail detail
We suspect development potential

Thanks, Rod, it was a cool demo, as they all are. No intention to “convince anyone” by tiny videos made for those who understand them as they are and do their own testing if wished. The rigs eventually go to museums with the proviso anyone can retest them anytime. It’s always on to the next two seconds, and the next two, as a relentless quest for AWE knowledge, not premature marketing. Shortage of documentation owes more to New Forum censorship than JAL blame. JohnO has to tediously work around the posting barrier from Lagos. Happily, fragments get thru, if far too few.

  • DaveS

If there’s

What’s the point?
Why are you bothering to report on a forum, especially one you complain about?
I suspect you actually would like to see wide scale adoption of this technology for the sake of efficient clean energy generation available to all.
That’s extremely unlikely right now. For an example of why. For over a decade, I’ve studied, interpreted & reworked many of your concepts and tests. After watching the clip many times and comparing it to your sketch- Nope - Still don’t know what the configuration you’ve shown here is.

Placing your hopes in a future chance encounter in the dusty corner of a museum - is not going to get your dream to fly.

Thoughts and realities of system design thinking and performance can much more easily be shared using electronic memory.
It’s more than odd that despite your technical prowess and access to kite resources, that your camera memory, has for the past decade been incapable of capturing anything more than what would be considered embarrassingly short clips even for a child on tiktok anywhere on earth

Rod: “What’s the point? Why are you bothering to report on a forum, especially one you complain about?”

"It’s JohnO ‘bothering’ to post JAL items here, that are widely shared by email. Thank you, Rod, for continuing to post here, unbothered, and despite your own complaining.

Joe and I founded the first AWE Forum for anyone to share AWE knowledge and claims as they wished. AWE developers do make all kinds of grand claims (“All roads…”). Let anyone counter-claim. Let time prove which claims were true.

New Forum censorship makes it harder to grasp kPower/JAL passive crosswind pumping physics. You are free to suggest short videos disprove sustained passive dynamics. How about a too-short clip of Tallak’s Pyramid?"