Japanese Daisy

Professor Fuji and his team seem to have been having fun testing a kite turbine in Wellington NZ


Further links:

TMIT Aerospace Company homepage in Japanese, with kite items-


English aboutpage-


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You can autotranslate the cc.


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I love the way they are testing the kite rig just upwind of the power line :-/

A market for this mobile turbine is described for users who are trapped in the snow, without fuel and without sun.

Its the most absurd conceptual AWE market yet. Either there needs to be a retail store with the fuel-generating Daisy available right where the sunless fueless customer is trapped in snow, or fast delivery (before the sun comes out). Even then, what stiff AWE market competition, from the Kiwee to the M600, or anyone who can bring some fuel in response to a smart-phone call.

Tallak’s suggestion is more business-like; use an AWES to tap into a downwind power line, and sell the power to either trapped and non-trapped customers. The non-trapped are a bigger market.