Kite power goes to Mars (student presentation 2 July @ 14:30 CET)

Once we land on Mars, energy will be indispensable to sustain life. ARES is a fully renewable energy system designed for Martian conditions, providing enough power to construct a rhizomatic underground habitat. The super-low atmospheric density, low solar irradiation and big seasonal fluctuations on Mars make it a very challenging environment.

On Thursday, 2 July, at 14.30 (CET), we will present the results of our TU Delft Design Synthesis Exercise project: a pumping kite power system, solar arrays, a day-to-day storage and a seasonal storage. If you want to know more, please check into the live presentation during the online DSE Symposium: Go to and find is in stream B. We hope to see you on Thursday!

Fernando Corte Vargas, Márton Géczi, Siri Heidweiller, Marcel Kempers, Bart Klootwijk, Francesca van Marion, Dmitrij Mordasov, Lora Ouroumova, Esmée Terwindt, Daan Witte

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The final project report is now available from here:

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