Kite Turbine Ground-Station

I put a video introducing the W&I 2018 Ground Station on Youtube

This video shows how an airborne wind turbine ground station works.
This kite turbine ground station was used over a series of tests with various different kite turbines from 2018 to 2020
I describe how it was made and how it works.

The video is primarily for a design engineering student group.
Will be a helpful intro if you are considering making a kite turbine.

A few more resources on the git page

Well, there’s a lot of scope for improvement.


Looks like a birthday cake to me.

Some people… Douglas Sprigs Selsam
There’s a warning on the box
It clearly says
“Not Ice-cream and Not Chocolates”


They just keep making better idiots

Fair enough the controller is housed in a recycled chocolate box
My previous controller box had been an ice-cream tub… You’re probably right.
Next up should be something more robust and moisture resistant like a cake box.

Lunacy & yet genius
Thanks for the advice

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Forgot about our beautiful accent. Was interesting to learn more about your “grind staion” :stuck_out_tongue:

The way you connected the load cell seems a bit hackey (unlike to rest of the station). Lots of friciton on the rope and stuff.

I have to admit the look of the white/blue box somewhat reminding of a cake, before @dougselsam‘s comment. But I had the politeness to shut up :slight_smile:

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The way I connected the load cells looks dodgy at best
It wasn’t all that bad. The batteries were standard bike 36V housings with their own switching and onboard BMS so not too much to go wrong. The junction box with 2 hefty enough switches just allowed connecting and disconnecting them in parallel to swap out full ones. There was also a Voltage and current meter to keep me aware of the battery states.
There was one battery set I built which wasn’t BMS protected. not wise.
I’ve seen worse.

Where are you seeing lots of friction on rope?
Are you implying the Aero drag? The shaft is a very small diameter as compared to the rotors.
The ability to work a smaller diameter shaft at ground level helps to keep the ground station small.

Grind Station? Really? oh my… One day I’ll be scripted, directed and edited

I just meant the rope connecting the load cell. Might not be relevant.

OMG I’m dense.
Yeah ok I know what a load cell is everyone okay!
That rope was a fairly good easy way to get the tension load cell in kinda the right alignment .

I’d probably thought by load cell you meant batteries doh