Kitefarms patent published

Painful to try to read through. Part of a string of patents? Seems like more of an unfocused brainstorming session than teaching any useful way to extract power. I’d say too many details are left out for the requirement that a patent should teach a useful configuration or method achieving a workable result, without undue experimentation. At no point do I see any example of a potentially-working apparatus in this patent. It seems to seek to be so broad as to cover a vast spectrum of possibilities, without meeting the requirement of showing even a single example of one actual, workable configuration. The only distinguishing feature seems to be repeating that one track is above the other. Seems to be going nowhere fast. I would not expect to ever see a single prototype developed, ever. Just a bunch of blah-blah-blah.


This looks to be the AirLoom from the same inventor and which is also described on:

The idea is to allow the entire blade to move at high speed to maximize the extraction of wind energy. However, U-turns require slowing down followed by acceleration, which destroys the expected advantage.

In addition, the orientation according to the direction of the wind is not easy if it is even possible.

And the force of the wind on the whole imposes severe constraints on both the track and the supports.

One advantage may be to awaken the imagination on AWE / HAWT hybrid systems.

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I remember drawing and publishing something similar on YouTube way back in the Yahoo forum days.
Flying around the drawing in CAD you could see complexities arising.

It’s great after a skiing holiday (I know - spoilt) to imagine a system like this where each of the chairs on a lift system could be like a kite driving the bull-wheels at each end… But in reality that’s going to be very hard to implement and will only suit certain locations.

An AWES can be fiendishly complex with interdependent parts and motions…
My advice
Starting with a theory and following one design path is a losing game.
Natures advice
Start developing & exploring a set of hypotheses, compare their weaknesses and their strengths
mix the best bits together, try again, repeat.