kiteKRAFT fly-gen kite flew figure-eights

Hey guys, just wanted to point you to some nice footage:


Hi @floba,

Welcome to the forum Florian. I have been following your fly-gen project for quite some time, because it has a lot of interesting aspects (imho) including High lift coefficient and biplane kite.

Waiting for next tests and data.

Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your results!

I like your approach of going for incremental improvements.

Thanks for sharing further kiteKRAFT success Florian.

From the article…
Our approach to software and hardware and the general kite concept work. Indeed, the kite’s real behavior is very close to our simulation models. The next steps towards a production system are now more incremental improvements instead of risky novel developments.

You’ve always put a very impressive level of engineering analysis into your systems. Looks like it’s paying off. Can’t wait to see the further evolution of your systems and the limits of possible being pushed further yet again.