Kitemill: KM1 evolves to KM2

Kitemill reveals plans for a 100 kW KM2 model.

My comments:

This is producing average 100 kW to the grid, and the design is complete almost to the point where it could be built. Though when exactly it will be flown is yet to be decided.


More here Introducing the KM2 system


Hi Tallak: I checked out your website - there you are on the site. I saw something about Selskap - I guess it means “company” in English. So I looked up Selsam in Norwegian - translates to “lonely”? Any Selsam I have ever talked to is curious about the origins of the name, which is most prevalent in Germany, but I’ve seen a woodworking business by that name in Spain.
Anyway, back to the subject of Kitemill, I saw a reference to investing in Kitemill, but it is all in Norweigian. Looks like some sort of crowdfunding is in place. (?) How does someone in the U.S. invest in Kitemill? :slight_smile:

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I’m sure Thomas could help you out with your investment :wink:

I would say «Selsom» is the closest norwegian word which means strange. No reason in particular for mentioning this though.

I would say the most general interest thing about KM2 is that it os complete to the point that it could work. So we had to include all the warts and all rather than just making a nice 3d rendering that could not work in practice. Maybe more specs will come later. With the crowdfunding campaign ongoing, Kitemill is more concerned with addressing the general public than those who want to tear apart the KM2 specs here