Kitepower, new website for the 100 kW Falcon AWES

The GIF on the two phases of the yo-yo system is well done and gives useful insight.
Some extracts:

Phase 1: Reel Out - Energy Production

Energy is generated during the first phase when the kite is flown in a cross-wind figure of eight pattern to achieve a high pulling force and reel out the tether from the winch in the ground station. During reel-out the Kitepower Falcon produces 130kW throughout 80% of the cycle’s time.

Phase 2: Reel In - Energy Consumption

When the max tether length is reached, the kite’s profile is adjusted in order to reel-in the tether with low force, using a small fraction of the energy produced in the previous phase. During reel-in the Kitepower Falcon consumes 20kW throughout 20% of the cycle’s time.

@rschmehl gave an information of the new website on:

More grants, “preorders”, group selfies…
Notice a pattern?

…for the present; results for the future…We must be satisfied with it.

Congratulations to @Kitepower !

Hi @rschmehl , I mentioned @Kitepower (and also SkySails) achievement(s) (see above) when @Rodread and you informed it.

Below are the additional informations you just provided.

TV on:

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Ooops, sorry, @PierreB, I was not aware of that. Thanks for detailing this!