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Hi all, I decide to create a new topic for Kiwee One as we now know that it is funded.
And guess what we have great news.
Main one is a bunch of Photos of propeller available here
Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment, ask, share. have a good day


Comment in six words: right angle!

? what do you want to say pierre ?

The right angle transmission is mentioned on several photos.

yes, it is a focus on the right angle part

Thank you for the update!
Is the part behind the propeller with the rods for the vane going to be injection molded? Because if so, the design should be adapted for manufacturability to save a lot of tooling cost. see figure 6

it is already injection molded. On the photos, all white parts are injection molded, black ones are still 3D printed but will be transferred to injected parts soon. We do it at kitewinder with a special injection process. In fact, we already have switched to all injection molded parts inlcuding pulley but at the time i took the photos, it was not already done.
BTW we also propose molding services for complex parts with encapsulated rods/ bearings / thread / whatever you want. Let me know if any of you need that.

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Hello guys, kitewinder new website is online. If you feel so I will be happy to have your feedback.

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Good and intuitive website.

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Excellent website

I used to be a photographer so I’m extremely picky about photos…
I only have 1 piece of advice… I had a real good look at the photo on my phone…
Yes, it looks less cluttered and easier to understand when you photoshop out the top back line to the vane

And I think it’s fine you did that.
Just make sure to use an effect selection mask so that you aren’t sampling blur clone material and creating noise at the line ends.

Said I was picky

Otherwise love it!

Looks much better! :slight_smile:
Might take some time for more detailled feedback at some point.
For now:

  • Baskets tend to be on the right. Would adhere to that. Basket has an ugly grey background, even when not hovering over it.
  • would consider merging product and main page. Too little content on main page.
  • Picture of yourr product showing all components should be the first thing one sees on the landing page. Maybe animated.
  • The product page takes too long to load. Don’t know what the php does. Maybe you can bake an html from that.
  • Favicon not recognizable. Use just the lightning bolt.
  • Add FAQ to the main menu.
  • Add estimated shipping time to the FAQ
  • Would put language toggle buttons on the right. Like with the basket, this is more common.
  • If you ant to use grey for the main menu, the letters need to be bolder, or just use black.

… this was pretty detailled after all.

I guys, thank really much for the feed back.
Rod, yes I photoshop the images, erase the safety line. We just add this option and I am not quite sure if it will remains this way, so I prefer to remove it. It also makes the image clearer. I am far from an expert, just give it the small amount of time I have for it. Hope I will improve later.

For the other remarks, I will have to wait to implement it as our internship just finished that and I just know nothing about that.
I ll keep the track on those remarks and implement it later.
Anyway, thank you very much for your time.
This is of course not perfect but I learn patience since starting with awes. It will le improved with time.
As said Edison innovation is 1 % genius and 99% perspiration, or something like that… That is so true.
Today for example we improved our resin extruding unit for the fifth time. Always better with each try but God, sometimes it feels like we keep solving hundreds of problems every day since so long!


More videos! I want to like and trust you and the product before I buy something, or after I have already supported you in the crowdfunding campaign, so I want to see you and the product in action. I want to see you are real people making a real product that I can buy right now, and I’d like to follow along with your journey. Also maybe video testimonials?

I agree with Luke’s comments.

Also product and shop pages?


Woww, that is a lot of work to implement!
What mean merging?

Windy skies, did you get the newsletters? Do you think it will be great to have more details about the journey like what has happened at kitewinder this month?

About videos and photos : manage to produce great content is really demanding. For example if I want to do a video with a sailor on a boat ( which I plan to do) and kiwee, it is like a whole week of work and organisation. I know it is not an excuse, but I confess we are struggling to produce content. It is not easy at all. I think talllak could gives its feedback on that point.

About product page and sale page, there is one!


Merging means combining the two pages into one. Luke suggests maybe turning the main page and product page into one. I suggest maybe combining the main, product, and shop pages into one page.

I haven’t seen your newsletters. Many people, like me, might also not want to subscribe to newsletters, so it might be a good idea to put them on your website as well. Also just for first-time visitors.

Yeah, you have to decide if you want to make videos, or just use text and pictures. The important thing is, I think, that you take us along with your journey. You are continually improving the product, you can’t make them fast enough because you have so many customers, and your customers have this and that to say about it.

That is at least one way to do it. You could decide on a different way.

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I guys, kiwee will fly above Bordeaux during the world impact summit. I will try to broadcast that in Facebook live. I will tease on Facebook . It will be between Wednesday and Saturday,probably on the Pierre Bridge. I don’t have permission. That might end at the police station. Stay tuned


Being arrested for saving the planet is great marketing :wink:

I’ll ve watching with great interest