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Hi all, I decide to create a new topic for Kiwee One as we now know that it is funded.
And guess what we have great news.
Main one is a bunch of Photos of propeller available here
Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment, ask, share. have a good day


Comment in six words: right angle!


? what do you want to say pierre ?


The right angle transmission is mentioned on several photos.


yes, it is a focus on the right angle part


Thank you for the update!
Is the part behind the propeller with the rods for the vane going to be injection molded? Because if so, the design should be adapted for manufacturability to save a lot of tooling cost. see figure 6


it is already injection molded. On the photos, all white parts are injection molded, black ones are still 3D printed but will be transferred to injected parts soon. We do it at kitewinder with a special injection process. In fact, we already have switched to all injection molded parts inlcuding pulley but at the time i took the photos, it was not already done.
BTW we also propose molding services for complex parts with encapsulated rods/ bearings / thread / whatever you want. Let me know if any of you need that.



Rope-drive transmission