Known Unknowns Matrix in AWES

AWES has enjoyed an early phase of experimentation.
But several missions have faltered from over optimistic reliance on assumptions in system development.

We can all be proud of our efforts so far.
A lot has been learned.

Naturally, Each of us uses the huge body of written AWES work to influence and direct our efforts.

Collectively our understanding of AWES moves to the known known every week


It’s good practice to assess our individual knowledge sets as we regroup to focus our future efforts.

For sure there’s a lot I should know (or have access to) in terms of aerodynamics, deployment, mechatronics, financing…
Last conference, I was pleasantly surprised to hear from unknown researchers working on hollow axis rotors.

I could do better at communicating what I have found in network stability…

What are you most looking forward to learning / re-learning in AWES.

This type of disciplined introspective analysis will serve AWE well.

I will print several copies and tape one onto edge of my computer monitor and another to where I prepare my coffee for the day. So as to best focus effort at start of EVERY day.

It is such fundamental and foundational general advice that I am sure that I will also be able get my missus to allow posting on our refrigerator door after she applies a bit of her “prettify” magic.

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