Lashback safety distances

And this is why you need to be extremely careful around tight ropes
If they break… this …

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A note worthy safety addition. Which applies to all rope & lines. No matter location or use. Failure to follow any guidelines with regards to rope safety. definitely will ruin your day. Also a visit by accident safety bods. For example LOLER Regulation here in the uk govern rope, lines and lifting equipment. Which is important considering AWEs use of pulleys, tethering and attachment to kites. Though unlikely to see lines brake. if Proper due care is taken. As pointed out that no reason to be complacent. LOLER 1998 Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) 1998: Open learning guidance has some related information especially concerning knots. especially for some of the offshore design. Where high tensile strength cables will be used.
State side from what I can find is covered by NFPA 1983 - Life Safety Rope Performance Requirements | CMC PRO so depending location. local regulations will apply in your area. Just a few things to bare in mind.

Its less of an issue with UHMWPE as they dont stretch much. We had a few ruptures here nothing spectacular happened