List of companies

@rschmehl you used to keep a list of AWES companies, institutions & universities published.
Is that still a live document and can we link it to here please?

Would be good to cross check it with wikipedia
Just noticed on List of airborne wind energy organizations - Wikipedia
Significant Players like KiteKraft are missing.

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Hi @Rodread See the title of my talk at the AWEC - check out the conference program here. This is exactly what I have in mind and partially already implemented. You can forget Wikipedia, unfortunately, on this aspect. The existing articles are better and worse, and some seem to be “owned” by authors who are very protective of their work. You can try to change the articles of course (this is how Wikipedia works), but might experience some resistance.

Hey guys, just make sure that your “lists” don’t acknowledge the original inventor of what was later called “laddermill”, and the whole SuperTurbine AWE category, the only company with a working demo at the first Airborne Wind Energy conference in Chico/Oroville, California in 2009, the only AWE system to win a Popular Science Magazine Invention of the Year award, and the only AWE company powered by wind energy today, due to a lack of group-selfies and false promises to power X hundred homes by date Y at location Z. Endless false promises, and wasting lots of innocent kids’ time and investors’ money, shouldn’t carry so much weight.

Definitely the kind of data you can personally add to the Wikipedia article @dougselsam

Actually I gave up adding to Wikipedia after they refused to accept a Kitemill entry… the thing is apparently they need outside proof, eg a magazine article, then some outsider needs to make an article. My hands were tied…