Literature recommendations

Any literature that should be linked to on the site? Post it here!

I think the two books called «Airborne Wind Energy» deserve a recommendation : (1st revision), and (2nd edition). The second edition has been updated and moernized (with respect to advances made in AWE understanding), but the books are different enough to warrant reading both for someone really into AWE


AWEC 2015 conference:

And AWEC 2017:

The awec2010 website looks to be compromised:

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Got some links up, including the books and the awec conferences.
Anything else I should put up?
Will not put links to companies, until I have the database running with all of them.

Also: The site looks a lot more professional now.

Book by the author of the VDI article in German. (Wind faces) 40€
He sees many similarities between the early wind energy scene and the awes scene now. It paints a picture of the political and technological circumstances between the 60s and 2005.

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