Main structure and feature requests

Some features already requested:

  • Appealing landing page
  • Forum (Tallak) :heavy_check_mark:
  • Job and thesis postings :heavy_check_mark:
  • Basic concepts
  • Presentation of different implementations with pros & cons, differentiated for different deployment scenarios (small, consumer goods up to multiMW systems).
  • High altitude wind as a resource (compare to other renewables)
  • Economic considerations
  • environmental aspects
  • regulatory aspects
  • selected bibliography (with links)
  • Most importantly: independent coverage, not focussed on a few players only
  • Events :heavy_check_mark:
  • Targeted information (students, researchers, investors)
  • Historical timeline (Rod)
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Working on a feature not yet requested. A relational database. Data from that will feed the web content and it’s a basis for other things. Later I’d like to have multiple users, especially for companies to update their job postings etc.
The first application will be lists accessible through the web serving a purpose similar to the someawe map by @someAWE_cb , but in a format which I think is better suited.
The job board as I made it with tools provided by wix takes too long to load and it contains redundant information.

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Let me know if I can help by providing the content in a format that might be easier to parse into a database. I believe mindmeister (where the map is hosted) provides some export options/cb

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Well I’ve got a mysql database running in docker and access to it.
Wanted to have an apache server on the same server as the forum (but this would require some more weird changes to discourse to share the port) to try to get some of the database to display on a website… no use to fill a database if the content can’t be displayed…
Not sure if I can handle this stuff without becoming a sysadmin / webdev.

The database is set up and I can export html from it via php. Will start data entry soon.
First things will be organizations (including companies) and the job board. The information I’ll collect is:

  • name
  • country
  • website link
  • website job site link

What else would you like to have listed? Please only information that is available and unambiguous!

@someAWE_cb @Kitewinder @Rodread What info about your companies would you like to have listed?
It is supposed to become the definite list of awes organizations, listing not most, but all of them.
If anyone wants to have read access to mirror the content to their site or something, I can set up a user.

Got the flawed wiki list done and went through the map provided by Roland Schmehl in 2016:
Number of listed organizations: 68
Will do the someawe map next.
Most are inactive or it’s not really clear wether they are active. Will definitely have to make a spotlight page as most of the listings aren’t really interesting, like the many universities who at some time had something to do with awes.

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@Rodread you wanted a historial timeline.
I’ve made this template. But I’m not interested enough in the history of awes to fill it. So if you or someone else fills it, I’ll put it up.
Surprised, that doesn’t have a timeline.

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I would put this at the top of the site, with less minimalistic link styling, so it is more difficult to miss. As of now the main draw of the website is the somewhat active forum so I would rephrase the text as well to emphasize that.

Edit: also the video on the homepage is of one company? I’d either add more videos or choose an independent video instead. I also didn’t notice the header, or the links in them until now.

As though wilt. :woman_genie:
Refresh the site to see the result!

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