Makani’s airborne wind power system takes flight offshore

Second flight and first crosswind flight:
" it did not successfully land on the platform, and the flight ended with the loss of the energy kite."


Offshore implementation looks to be particularly promising for AWES and Makani of course.

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Nice to see a failure to dock and dunking in the water being reported.
OK bit of a harsh consequence… I’m sure they suck it up well.
There will be a better bounce back and I’m really glad Makani are bringing their game.

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What will be the nature of the technical report of the mishap?

I wonder what “loss” means. Did it sink? (tether?) Or was it destroyed? (crash?)
Maybe it just got wet? (insurance writeoff?)
Hey, has anyone seen our giant “just the tips” tip with 50 tips? We “lost it” - somewhere around here…

Which was predicted by your little buddy…

Appears to be using the floating wind turbine foundation I originally invented:
See Figs 14–20 in this Euro Patent:

Charlie Nordstrom, PE,
Will the AWE industry and aviation community be receiving details of what happened for the loss of the energy kite at sea? Your leadership for lessons’ sake will be appreciated.

Wishing your Team the best,
Joe Faust
editor, Upper Windpower