Manipulate real objects in 3-D using your entire body - step away from the computer

What I see as one of several reasons AWE seems to be perpetually “sheltering in place”, “spinning it;s wheels”, “going nowhere fast” producing mostly group-selfies, is a mental fixation on the prevalence of digital “gadgets”, like as main examples, 3-D printers, 3-D modeling, smart-phones, etc. All these newfangled everyday items are clever and attractive, like the proverbial bird attracted to “shiny objects”, with the number of group-selfies in the latest AWE paper as a glaring example. How many of these group selfies will it take for AWE to take hold? Well the question itself illustrates the possible absurdity of many current approaches. Let’s remember the original meaning of “digits” or “digital” meant “fingers”. I say, if you want success, “step away from the computer”, learn how to use your hands, to use tools, to build things instead of falling for the idea that everything needs to be run through a computer in some way. People today overuse computers for the same reason they get college degrees: “So I won’t have to work!” Too bad, since actual work is to immerse yourself in a 100% realistic 3-D simulation where it feels like you are actually there - because you ARE! - Manipulate real objects in 3-D using your entire body. Look at real 3-D objects from any angle - effortlessly, seeing, hearing, and feeling objects just as though they are real - because they are! Feel the wind, feel how hard it is to walk upwind in a windfarm area, smell the wind, smell the materials, learn how to use your hands, connected directly to your brain with no computer middleman, and see how your efforts blossom. See how one person can accomplish more than some huge “team” fixated on running everything through computers, starting with the group-selfies going through the computer on a cel phone and going downhill from there. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in this new concept of full 3-D immersion. The real world - it’s not just for breakfast anymore!


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