Methods to use kinetic energy for useful work without a generator? And methods to use kinetic energy to heat water directly?


I know that this is how it is generally done. In this topic I am asking for alternatives. Looking for alternatives makes sense because of probable lower cost, higher efficiency (less energy conversions), and durability (less components to break).

Here are some articles on this:

I hope that direct heaters are already available to buy. If not do you know of anything that is easier to make and cheaper than this? I like this.


kPower surveyed heating by kinetic energy and found no attractive similarity cases where heat is made directly and cheaply. The explanation in part is that Nature favors using energy in multiple stages from order to entropy, that a direct jump from kinetic to thermal squanders.


I gave some in this thread. A better search should give more. I also gave some of the reasons for looking into it.


By “attractive”, I meant major engineering cases where kinetic energy is converted directly to heat in a proven cost-effective application. One example is rubbing hands in cold, as an occasional resort, but where is another existing case?


Kites are proven in roles of transporting masses. Future megascale applications range from dredging up dikes to combat sea-level rise to transporting water for agriculture and pumped hydro.

Note that my power kite mentor, Dave Culp of KiteShip, was a key expert in the Cal Tech megalith lifting demo cited above.


The reason why the convertion mechanical -> thermal is uncommon is, because the most common primary energy source is fuel. Just burn the stuff to generate heat! It’s harder to generate mechanical work from these sources.


Doubt it. Will be easier to do conventionally just like the megalith could have just been lifted by a crane any time and wasn’t transported to the demo site by a kite.


I have operated and directed cranes up to 600ton rating, and we took up this topic at KiteShip. Cranes require road or water access and do not reach high altitudes.
A huge kite can be hauled in pieces almost anywhere.

The kite dredging idea competes with fuel-based dredges. One has to have a green ethos or like kites to prefer it.


Daisy has used both a brake and a generator to control torque.
Both systems generated heat …
The heat on the brake disk was wasted to the environment. = bad
The generator filled a battery which drove heating elements in kettles often making good tea as a useful by product… = yummy

If you can quantify a good kinetic to heat energy conversion method and use case, then go for it.
Otherwise electric is darn handy

This crane chat is very hypothetical…
Applying Kites at any cost is not an ecologic answer. If a wilderness exists where a crane can’t access then planning laws likely aught to determine that area off limits to development for conservation reasons… where needs dredged? Harbours (boat dredgers) canals (cranes on the tow path) ploughing (tractors)


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I would say water pumping and water treatment trough filter. Both case are in fact just water pumping. Water treatment is of main concern in a vast proportion of places. You don’t treat water, you pollute your soil with untreated excrement plus you loose that water. Treat that water and you keep it, plus you don’t pollute.