Mobile soft kite system idea

How about using a truck like that:

together with a ~20m^2 surf kite, put the winch on the back of the truck, potentially unload the winch using the crane, put a hook at the end of the crane and attach the kite there for launching in some distance to the winch…

this is just a thought that came into my mind. How many houses can you power with a 20m^2 kite?

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I think perhaps the car is a bit too expensive to make this profitable for general power production. Otherwise the idea is sound (I have thought about similar techniques myself)

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400000 eur new, this is probably cheaper than any research cost of inventing some kind of groundstation. When i have some time i will calculate the power output of a small kite system, and see if there could be some commercial viability…

Cheaper than a prototype ground station, but not a mass produced commercial unit.

You should have a look at Enerkite’s lorry:

My ground station development budget was around £4000

Wow, bike parts are really expensive in Scotland :stuck_out_tongue:

Had a very proud parent moment recently.
Oldest son took a pile of rust mountain bike from the dump and resurrected it.
He has a perfectly (expensive) good bike already though…(100x better than mine)

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