More efficient windmills

This looks like a hoax, or?

This statement is derived from Dabiri’s previous work about some arrangement of VAWT within a wind farm. Now he intends to study the potential of a whole wind farm, using current HAWT.

This can be described in 3 words:
“Idiots, idiots, idiots…”

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Its not a hoax when naïve folks get it wrong. Lets help them sort of get it right so there is only one “idiot” left complaining.

In this case we merely have to define a wind turbine area where the proposition is true. Draw a boundary on a map that includes 10x VAWT power to 1x HAWT power. In theory, there are infinite such bounded areas that could be drawn to meet the criteria.

Common technical ignorance is not helpful to AWE analysis. Prof. Dabiri should be judged by his own carefully formed claims in their academic context.