More Sails for Ships

Just saw a couple more articles on new ideas for sails powering large ships:

Riviera - News Content Hub - New wind-assisted sail technology begins land-based testing (

Riviera - News Content Hub - Cargill’s wind propulsion trial data shows technology’s ‘potential’ (

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Hi Doug: Thanks for these interesting information. You are always open to new ideas.


Pyxis Ocean sets sail with ground-breaking wind technology.

Same Cargill ship - Popular Science article:

This sort of ship is probably a better fit for sails than container ships with all those containers stacked on top. :slight_smile:

Well, the hits just keep on comin’!

Here’s another article on sails for ships, and eight (8) MORE articles linked at the bottom of the page!
Union Maritime to fit BAR Technologies’ WindWings on LR2 tanker duo - Offshore Energy (

Thanks Pierre: As I say, it’s good to keep an open mind, just not so open that everything falls out!
I watched the video in your post, but felt a bit of an electric shock when one guy said it was “a game-changer”…

To me, after examining so many “press-release breakthroughs” lately, and what happens when the shine wears off, that phrase “game-changer” has gotten to the point of seeming like a warning sign. Sounds silly, I know, but there it is… again… :slight_smile: