Moving upwind

Just thinking; Yoyo rigs [bounding] move downwind and then are not able to extract as much energy from the wind.

Could you use opposite bounding to extract more energy? That is move the blades upwind?

This would obviously only be relevant for rotary or flygen…

I realize the cost in energy input would be enourmus, but maybe for a really small reel in?

Finding it very hard to imagine what this is or how this could work @tallakt

Maybe a Daisy that could be reeled in and out? And at the same time control kite lift?

That’s more kite control than I care to think about.

It’s making my ears wiggle and my eyes cross.
Although to be fair - That may actually be an effect of the anti-ferry-sickness tablet I’m trying for the first time.

Power phases during both reel-out and reel-in phases?