New AWE video from DW with Commentary by Wrage of SkySails '

Thanks to the JAL team :

“We have followed AWE coverage closely for almost two decades tracing news items back 50yrs, but are overwhelmed in recent years and hardly can keep up with the growing buzz. Craig found a great new Deutsche Welle video and can see how our German SkySails MOU partner is the natural star. JAL will be the next bigAWE buzz, as anticipation is high for how the US is trending post-Makani.”

  • David Santos Gorena-Guinn

Do you have any references or clarifications, please?

The video is a correct overview, but the JAL assumption is not contained in the new as such, and is only a promise without any support.

I didnt see the whole thing, but I did see rotary a few seconds which is a nice advance from the previous status quo. @someAWE_cb

Kitemill footage is beautiful of course

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Craig who?

I beg to differ:

  1. We were told that SKysails had a new factory and was beginning sales of their airborne wind energy electricity-generating kite-reeling systems.
    Now, over two (2) YEARS later, it appears that the Mauritius sale was their only sale(?)

  2. I have maintained that the Mauritius system was not in regular operation, since I believe the systems are “not ready for prime-time”, unsatisfactory for daily operation.

  3. If the Mauritius system had been in regular operation, we would have heard glorifying press-releases about the amount of energy generated, the number of homes powered, etc. No such news has emerged.

  4. Further, had the Mauritius system been placed into regular operation, we should have also heard about the fabric kite being replaced more then once, since we know that hang-gliders and paragliders are only expected to survive less than 1000 hours in the sky before they are worn out and unsafe to fly.

  5. The latest “press-release” “news” was that, after more than two (2) YEARS since the original press-release, they had JUST NOW received even PERMISSION to put power to the grid.(!?!?!?!?)

  6. This would seem to fly in the face of the original press-releases implying that the apparatus had been placed into service.

This person posting has been promising results for 15 years. I am not aware that any of his promises has ever come true. Of course, the promises are always set in future-tense, which means the only way to disprove them is to wait and see. We have. They have all been false.

Once again, another bragging promise which might be flagged by a skeptical person as “delusions of grandeur”. Will it come true this time? Answer: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool us all many times, and shame on whoever would believe a word of this self-aggrandizing bragging for one more minute.

My understanding is that the same “moderator” who recently commented on someone’s post as “dumb as fuck”, while censoring the posts of others as inappropriate, off-topic, or violating guidelines, had banned this person from posting. Yet this supposed “moderator” knowingly allows this person to post on an almost daily basis. We have heard no rationalization for allowing a “banned” person to nonetheless post here.

It’s now almost a year since this person posting braggingly told us all, that his newly-acquired yet very old “Jalbert” apparatus, consisting of interconnected cloth triangles, was in the process of being developed into the next big energy source for the world, claiming, what was it, TeraWatts, would be generated? I said the claim should be ignored as merely one more empty promise from the same old source. Today this same source seems to have no answer to this basic question of why had he told us this, and what was the actual truth?.

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SkySail agreements cited are based on private emails with kPower several years ago. kPower is now merged into JAL with several other pioneering AWE efforts. JAL will be revisiting US collaboration with SkySails. JAL is Jalbert’s revived company that first invented the parafoil SkySails depends on. KiteShip and kPower’s co-founder, Dave Culp, is the modern pioneer of ship kites in the '70s.

Not more ‘bragging’ than:
, “All Roads lead to the SuperTurbine ™”

  • an exact quote of the most exaggerated claim in AWE.
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All delusional thinking, in my opinion. Someone makes a polite reply to an email in the early days of AWE when nobody quite knew who as just a bullshitter yet, and you try to parlay it into a claim that someone else’s supposed success is magically associated with you. Where does Skysails confirm that kPower has anything to do with their success? You told us almost a year ago about your “in the future” development of some cloth triangles obtained from Jalbert’s etate into a “TeraWatt” level wind energy solution, and, as predicted, never did anything whatsoever about it. Where is your as-claimed Jalbert TeraWatt project today?

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Today, an ever-increasing percentage of AWE projects are working their way backwards from mere kite-flying, toward the proven simplicity of SuperTurbine technology. Meanwhile, we still haven’t seen a single meaningful AWE project from “kPower” OR “JAL”, which are both basically just you, despite 15 years of your empty promises. Yet your empty bragging about your mythical future “projects” goes on… :slight_smile: