New, faster kite-boats under development

These two designs are very different. Syroco was also discussed on Syroco Concept Preview.

The SP80 is on the video below and was tested to better know its drag. The kite will come later.

Ohhh doesn’t it look fancy
But meh
I saw some slow speed drag tests kicking up huge wakes
I just don’t see yet how that form matches the reaction required from a fast kite

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Funny you are posting vaporware news this time.

What better place? I’m not saying these will work out, and one was already covered here recently, just noting they are being developed and promoted, with some sort-of prototypes. I will say once again that my original vision for a futuristic sailing yacht, way back in the 1980’s, was the one with the flying cockpit, except I envisioned the flying cockpit way up high, below the kite, as opposed to being just above the water. :slight_smile:

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Thats probably a better idea, more like hanggliding or paragliding.

My main problem with Scirocco was stabilizing the fuselage with an intermittent kite pulling. Its ok at max speed stable winds, but in real life, until you hit perfect conditions, its a struggle

Didier Costes invented and patented in 1966 the “Chien de mer”, which is a kind of floating drift towed by a “sail balloon” (also a Costes’ concept) with the pilot’s basket just below the blimp.

Later it became Aerosoil.

Even later, the drift became the foil of Syroco.

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Like out of a James Bond movie

For what I was thinking of, it would have to be much more compact, to be a fun activity like kiteboarding. The blimp plan is better for crossing the ocean safely I guess.

I also have the feeling that creating the necessary lift to stay afloat is easier done subsea than on the kite. Even the blimp could then be replaced by a gas filled container. Wait… I am describing a sailboat… :joy: