New research on Multi Kite systems from Freiburg and Limerick

Don’t bother though… same old AWESCO BULL SHITE
Only ever 2 kite types. BULL SHIT
You weenie fearties.

Grow some integrity. AWES is more important than a squeaky CV.
My kite vs your kite any day - bring it MO FOs

The only good observation is if all the “super-smart people” can’t see anything to do but publish paper after paper as symptoms of their “paralysis by analysis”, that leaves the field perpetually wide-open for us everyday dummies to actually get things done. Why do people “go to college”, really? So they “won’t have to work”! Well, they got their wish. They can sit at their desk all day publishing “papers”. Maybe they should just stay in bed.

A prototype, please!

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Is that model looking at the main tether being parallel with wind? The wake shedding is directly downwind.
Love that they’re considering stacked rotors.

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