Optimisation of Daisy Kite rotor blade geometry

Congratulations to Sara Anya Mancer
on completing her study on
Optimisation of the geometry of the Daisy Kite rotor’s blades.

Sara completed a remote internship from ENSAM Paris
Here’s a link to the English version of her final presentation

Sara has lurked on the forum, building her expertise in AWES for a while now
The study optimised for power extraction using both Qblade and a Genetic Algorithm with BEM
The GA had 5 span positions on the blade to adjust chord and blade twist.

More efficient blades were found.

My takeaways
Thank goodness people more skilled in aero analysis than me are looking into kite turbine rotors.
Interesting to see how well @Ollie did by choosing that NACA4412 profile at the start
BEM seems to have troubles representing a hollow axis kite turbine…at elevated yaw… and with banked blades. (not that I can do any better yet)
The models don’t show cyclic variation effects of apparent wind throughout the rotation … will be interesting to see what @someAWE_cb Team TuddelPower say about this soon

Sara is hoping to continue to further studies in Aeroelasticity…
Amazing news for the AWES industry


Nice work! And I think aeroelasticity is an interesting and important field also.

Does the optimization program take into account tether angle and wind velocity? Would the optimized design be the same for a 30 deg tether angle and a 60 deg angle? Similarly would the optimized design be the same for an 8 m/sec wind speed and a 12 m/sec wind speed?