Oscillating Cable Drive

A cable drive cannot be operated in reverse to power the turbines if there is no tension in the cables. For this reason the drive cannot be used to launch the turbine. It occurred to me that if we use the cable to conduct electricity we can perhaps power a small generator at the turbine to launch the system without operating the cable drove. The conducting section of the cables must be electrically isolated from the cables around the pulleys. For normal operation the cable drive will oscillate back and forth to keep the non-conducting section in the region of the pulleys. The generator is equipped with a double drive where the output rotates in a single direction even though the input oscillates back and forth in both directions.

So you make sure that there is tension? Your idea looks like it has a lifter kite to supply the tension?

Also perhaps you can design your rope drive so that it works and doesn’t slip under a wider range of line tensions.