Overspeed protection

Shouldn’t we design AWESs capable of withstanding all kinds of winds, even the strongest? Indeed recovering an AWES can be long and difficult.

Current wind turbines stop at 25 m/s. Doubling this value while harnessing full power can be an interesting challenge. Is it really possible?

Hi Doug, I plead guilty. The moderators have nothing to do with this new topic for now.
I think you often mention the overspeed problem, so a topic dedicated to this problem might be helpful.
Several AWES could be examined as the overspeed issue can be different according to their features: ground-based generator or fly-gen, soft or rigid wing, pull or rotation, single unity or network of kites…
That said I can agree that an excess of division of subjects is not necessarily desirable.

I agree that we should develop a system which can safely operate at higher wind speeds. Is it true that smaller turbines can operate at higher wind speeds without damage? Operating small turbines at high speed is advantageous because cable drives operate better at higher speeds and gear reducers may not be required.

I do not think that launch and land will take a long time. This is particularly true if we use an accelerated windup system like the caged cable windup I proposed. If the winding speed is 10 met/sec then we can retrieve a kite from 1000 meters in less than 2 minutes.