Patent list

@JoeFaust, @kitefreak, could you give a direct link to a list of AWE related patents?

And do you have a direct link to an archive of ?

  • Kite Patents
    We just completed the archiving of the over 1700 messages of the special group KitePatents. The messages in original group are not being served anymore at the old site. This new archive is now available. Of course, not all kite patents were addressed in the group. Other links on the linked page reach for more patents; but still not all kite patents are addressed yet. Add to the conversation as you wish.

Fantastic work, Joe, for everyone’s benefit.

What do we learn by studying these patents, going back about two centuries?

Most great kite ideas are old, from the Golden Age of Kites. All key AWE ideas are seemingly in the public domain. No new patent seems to contain blocking IP to impose a monopoly.

There is much more to learn from kite patents about our domain art, great people, and dramatic historical development.

Thanks @JoeFaust!